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These options are offered online and in-person at my studio in Burnsville, MN.

Lessons: Lessons

Private Violin Lessons

One on one violin instruction

Lessons for students of all ages, tailored to individual student needs, based on the Suzuki method.

$35 for 30 minutes
$60 for 60 minutes

Yoga and Meditation for Musicians

Personalised yoga and meditation sessions

These sessions are based on the needs of the student, and will incorporate breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, meditation and yoga. 

$60 for 60 minutes

Group Violin Lessons

Suitable for 4-8 year olds

Students are taught in groups of three, and will learn the basics of string playing, as well as how to play in an ensemble.

$25 per student for 45 minutes

Beginner and Intermediate Ukulele Lessons

One on one ukulele instruction

Ukulele lessons are suitable for students over the age of 5, and include instruction on how to play chords, how to strum and fingerpick, and how to read notation and tablature.

$35 for 30 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

Beginner Piano Lessons

One on one piano instruction

These lessons are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Children and teenager lessons are based off of the Piano Adventures series, and adult lessons are based off of the Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course.

$35 for 30 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

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